Starship Shooter for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch!

Starship Shooter redefines the touch based shooting genre. With over 40 upgrades, 40 levels, 3 difficulties and an endless variety of enemies, this game will keep you coming back for more.

The basic game play features a ship bound to the border of the screen. Use the thumb of the hand holding the device to navigate the ship while using up to 4 other touches from the other hand to shoot. You can optionally use the device's orientation to move the ship.

You can purchase up to 4 primary weapons and 4 secondary weapons. The four primary weapons include: Cannon, Automatic Cannon, Machine Gun and Laser. The primary weapons can be further upgraded to unlock gameplay changing elements. Each weapon initially can only be aimed with one touch. Further touches can be purchased to allow multiple targeting.

Variety of enemies have been created. Each enemy has specific offensive and defensive maneuvers and attacks. Enemies use a variety of projectiles including Cannons, Bullets and Lasers. In addition to the variety of enemies there are 4 bosses. Good Luck.